RavenQuest BioMed CEO George Robinson courted controversy when he boasted on Twitter that after harvest, his company was yielding “55 grams per plant. Every RQB is exceeding our expectations.” He enclosed a photo of harvested bud, and growers were quick to comment it looked harvested too early and that 55 grams per plant was not an impressive yield.

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  1. The Global Cannabis Partnership formally launched during the World Cannabis Congress in St John, NB last week. The body was established in order to set “social responsibility” standards for the sector.
    Financial Post, Cannabis Now
  2. Alberta, leading the country with 136 REC retailers, is celebrating its clear lack of supply shortage by speeding its licensing process up from 5 to 10 new stores per week. Albertan head shops worry they’re going to be put out of business by an ever-growing number of stores that sell everything they do—plus the cannabis to consume with it.
    Globe and Mail—Paywall, The Star
  3. Customers lined up for the opening of Fort McMurray, AB’s first REC store, which served 400 in two hours in the 66,600-person mining community.
    CBC Edmonton, GrowthOp