My home province, the most anti-cannabis in the country, has come a long way. A CROP poll commissioned by the Canadian Union of Public Employees found public opinion of cannabis in Quebec has taken a surprising uptick since legalization.
Leafly, CUPE—In French

  • A pleasantly unexpected 55% of Quebeckers support legalization, while 45% do not. That’s a distinct jump from the 2017 CROP poll which found 40% of Quebeckers were in favour of legalizing and 54% were opposed. (In the rest of Canada, which we Quebeckers call “the ROC,” 58% supported legalization.)
    Leafly, CROP—In French
  • A strong majority (72%) of respondents said legalization had done little or nothing to disturb public order.
  • A quarter of Quebeckers have changed their opinions about cannabis since legalization: 8% feel more negatively, while 17% feel more positively.

Though 65% of respondents supported the government plan to raise the legal age from 18 to 21, an even greater number (68%) believed the law would have no impact on cannabis consumption by those between 18 and 21.

  • Most Quebeckers (72%) were pleased with the SQDC model, and 66% opposed the sale of cannabis through private retail.