After concluding it would be unenforceable, Quebec’s CAQ government is dropping plans to ban cannabis in all public places.

Quick Hits

  1. The eight directors of Quebec’s provincial REC retailer the Société Québécoise Du Cannabis will be paid a total of $1.4M this year.
    TVA Nouvelles—In French
  2. The SQDC has determined supply is adequate to open all 14 stores across the province all week at their original hours.
    CBC Montreal
  3. Public health officials in Sherbrooke, Quebec, pushed back against concerns that an SQDC store opening in the community would contribute to mental health problems.
    Ici Radio-Canada—In French
  4. The Quebec public is very excited about MED. Waiting lists to see a Santé Cannabis doctor are six months long.
    Journal de Montréal
  5. Brad “PancakeNap420” Martin brought his sweeping data analysis—last used to examine BC Cannabis Stores—to pick through data from the SQDC. He found it charges an $8.18 average price per gram, and sells product with an average THC content of 17.4%. As usual, there’s a lot more information in here laid out in easy-to-digest infographics. He also released a smaller historical price-per-gram analysis of dried-flower sales by, and a similar dried-cannabis report for the Ontario Cannabis Store.