This week was the first since October that the Société Québécoise du Cannabis had secured enough supply to open all stores at their original hours, seven days a week. That isn’t the provincial monopoly’s only good news. Though it raised prices by 5% last month, the SQDC announced its best sales to date in April and is moving to open more stores.
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Quick Hits

  1. A Scotiabank analyst warned cannabis oversupply is coming to Canada, and “may be closer than some expect.” Producers have overbuilt and have far greater capacity to produce than Canada and its export partners can consume.
    MJ Business Daily
  2. Globe and Mail political writer Campbell Clark noted that in spite of the drastic warnings about what legalization would do to the country, it hasn’t changed very much at all. Bill Blair called legalization, “A little bit like this generation’s Y2K.”
  3. Simon Fraser University criminology professor and lawyer Neil Boyd argued, “Legalization has been a major accomplishment of the Trudeau government. They don’t describe it this way, but removing the yoke of criminalization was a significant step forward for human rights.”
  4. Conservative politicians MP Ben Lobb and MP-turned Ontario MLA Parm Gill joined the board of food/liquor/cannabis delivery service ParcelPal. The company said the active politicians’ expertise in Ontario will help them expand into that province.
    CityNews, MJ Biz Daily