In springtime,  Quebeckers enjoy the tradition of gathering with family and friends to visit the “cabane à sucre” (sugar shack) to enjoy a rustic meal of pea soup and beans, pancakes, bacon, ham, the pork-fat spread known as “cretons,” and crispy pork jowls called “oreilles de crisse” (“Christ’s Ears”), all drenched in maple syrup. This is ideally enjoyed followed by a slice of tarte-au-sucre (sugar pie), and fresh tire-d’érable (maple toffee) poured on snow. Youtube–Montreal Gazette, Breakfast Television

None of us can do any of that this year. Instead, Quebeckers have increased our consumption of cannabis and junk food.
Eater Montreal

Naturally, 31% said their junk food consumption had increased, while only 17% said they’d reduced their junk food intake.
Journal de Montréal–In French

  • Some 20% said they were drinking more alcohol, but 17% said they were consuming less. That nearly-stable number is striking compared to the clear increase in cannabis consumption.
    CTV News