Quebec may be Canada’s most cannabis-conservative province, but according to the 2019 Quebec Cannabis Survey (only available in French), our attitudes are changing, and our consumption is increasing slightly.
Quebec Ministry of Health–In French, Radio-Canada International English, TVA Nouvelles–In French

  • Data by Quebec’s Institute of Statistics found that 62% Quebeckers older than 15 found “occasional cannabis use” to be “socially acceptable.” That’s up from 49% a year before.
    La Presse–In French, Quebec Ministry of Health–In French
  • The proportion of Quebeckers who’d used cannabis in the past three months increased to 13% from 11% the year before.

Most of the increase was from consumers aged 35 to 54 (whose consumption was at 13%, up from 9% the year before). There were no increases for the three age groups between 15 and 34.
Twitter–Jean-Sébastien Fallu–In French, GrowthOp

Quebec’s crown monopoly, the SQDC, is expected to generate $27M in profits for 2019-2020. That makes it a rare star at a time when Quebec’s crown corporations are showing diminishing revenues.
Journal de Montréal–In French

Next door in New Brunswick, Moncton’s Cannabis at the Coliseum trade show which expected some 2,000 people, or about 2% of Moncton’s population. Whether that many came out, the crowds were heavy, perhaps in part due to Cannabis NB’s licensed pop-up selling REC.  New Brunswickers clearly like their cannabis. If only the struggling Cannabis NB could figure out how to sell more of it to them.

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  1. A Calgary pastor (and former teenage stoner) reflected on cannabis, and wondered whether lonely, disconnected people wouldn’t want to get high if they only came to church more.
    Calgary Herald