The government of Quebec’s aggressively anti-cannabis Coalition Avenir du Québec government tabled stringent draft legislation designed to clamp down even further on edibles than Health Canada’s regulations. The regulations will stand for public consultation for 45 days before taking effect.
CBC Montreal

Health minister Lionel Carmant said the limits “will also allow us to reduce [the consumption] of cannabis products in general.”
CBC Montreal

  • Topicals will be banned in Quebec, for no reason given. Santé Cannabis founder Erin Prosk said, “Likely the existence of topical products conflicts with their mandate that cannabis is a harmful drug and people who buy them just want to be high.”
  • Carmant was at pains to explain who would decide which products were “attractive to children,” first saying it would be left up to the SQDC, then saying it would be the SQDC and the Ministry of Finance, then the SQDC and the Ministry of Health.
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Deloitte estimated the ban would cost the sector $300M per year.
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Quick Hits

  1. New research by Quebec alcohol NGO Éduc’alcool found 21% of Montrealers consume cannabis (compared to 18% throughout Quebec). English-speakers use the most cannabis (30%), ahead of French-speakers (25%), and “Allophones,” those raised speaking both languages (15%).
    Éduc’alcool—In French

  2. The Globe mapped the density of access to REC retailers for communities across Canada, finding great density in some places and many areas where there’s no retailer for hundreds of kilometres. It’s impressive, check it out.
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