Psychedelic Passage Podcast Paints Bigger Picture For Listeners Pondering Psychedelic Experiences

August 2, 2022

Denver, Colorado ( Wednesday Aug 3, 2022 @ 1:00 AM Central —

Psychedelic Passage, facilitators of in-person ceremonial psychedelic experiences throughout the U.S. with an emphasis on safety & harm reduction, today announced that it will be launching a new podcast with aimed at helping journeyers have safe and effective psychedelic experiences that result in lasting change.

As professional psychedelic guides and facilitators, hosts Nicholas Levich and Jimmy Nguyen have made it their mission to help others have intentional psychedelic experiences and positively influence the facilitation landscape.

“This podcast allows us to leverage our expertise as facilitators to help those who want real answers and actionable advice. So many people are waking up to the profound healing power of psychedelics, but very few understand how actually to use these medicines effectively,” says Nicholas Levich, Co-Founder at Psychedelic Passage. “We want listeners to understand how the process of psilocybin ceremonies and intentional psychedelic use actually works in practice.”

Guests on the show include high-caliber psychedelic guides, experts in harm reduction, and other thought leaders shaping the emerging psychedelic space. This milestone is a major move for Psychedelic Passage on its mission to empower individuals to heal from within by fostering a connection with their authentic selves through sacred psychedelic use. To do this, they’ve developed a specialized program that has the highest potential to foster life-long, lasting benefits for journeyers.

The Psychedelic Passage Podcast is hosted primarily on The podcast will be available through all major streaming platforms including Apple Podcasts, Amazon, Spotify, and iHeartRadio.

About Psychedelic Passage

Psychedelic Passage facilitates safe containers for sacred psychedelic use by creating an online ecosystem that leverages human connection to pair journeyers with a network of pre-vetted, professional guides in their local area. The company’s comprehensive vetting process ensures each hand-selected facilitator serves journeyers with integrity. The goal is to inspire trust, confidence, and lasting change for each journeyer. To date, their network of guides has facilitated hundreds of safe and transformational journeys for people all across the United States. More information at

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