Psychedelic Passage Garners Exponential Rise in Demand for Services in 2023

Mar 22, 2023

Denver, CO ( Wednesday Mar 22, 2023 @ 7:00 AM Pacific —

In a first-of-its-kind approach to professional psychedelic support services, Psychedelic Passage reaches record-breaking heights as demand for psychedelic guidance soars to an all-time high in the U.S.

First founded in 2019 by Nicholas Levich and Jimmy Nguyen, Psychedelic Passage reports a towering 156% upsurge in consultation bookings in the last 30 days. This exponential rise in public interest coincides with over 1 million site visits in just the last 180 days. Psychedelic Passage planned for this growth by expanding its pre-vetted network of referral facilitators over 5x in 2022 — a tactical choice ensuring its network quality remains high and consistent from coast to coast.

Nicholas Levich says, “These new milestones reflect greater paradigm shifts that are occurring both at the societal level and individual level. It indicates a very real, national, and personal investment in the development and integration of novel mental health treatments.”

Jimmy Nguyen adds, “Our service bridges the gap between journeyer and facilitator by ensuring that clients have a convenient point of access to pre-qualified facilitators near them. You’re being matched not only by your current mental health needs but also based on your personal intentions for healing.”

Psychedelic Passage is taking the guesswork out of psychedelic journeying– both by establishing minimum service standards for a comprehensive in-person ceremonial support program and by publishing leading-edge education on everything related to psychedelic therapy.

In April 2023, the Psychedelic Passage Blog will introduce core series that is focused on informing readers about therapeutic psychedelic use, with article segments like The Psychedelic Safety Passage, Psychedelic Guides Answer FAQs, and The Psychedelic Connect.

They believe that open and honest conversations about psychedelic use are integral as the human collective continues nurturing an educated psychedelic-positive culture. That’s why The Psychedelic Passage Podcast aims to draw awareness to nuanced topics in the psychedelic space that aren’t being addressed in the mainstream narrative.

Erika Perez, Head of Content at Psychedelic Passage adds, “The public has questions that industry leaders and psychedelic facilitators can answer. This is us, doing what we can to ensure that all voices can actively participate in the narrative that surrounds psychedelic healing in the U.S.”

If you or someone you know is interested in seeking a therapeutic psychedelic experience, Psychedelic Passage invites you to connect with their network of pre-vetted facilitators by booking a consultation with their psychedelic concierges.

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