The Ontario Cannabis Store drew criticism for publicly congratulating Canopy on opening their newest licensed Tokyo Smoke REC store. Lawyer Harrison Jordan noted OCS CEO Cal Bricker also performed as a musician during a Canopy-related concert event.
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This year’s BC budget earmarked $12M “for resources to ensure compliance and enforcement against the illegal sale of cannabis and related activities” and set aside $154 for the BC Liquor Distribution Branch, but offered no new money to bring legacy growers and sellers into the legal market. So far the BC government has only invested $676,000 in helping illicit operators transition into the mainstream.
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Employees at two of Clarity Cannabis‘s seven BC REC stores voted to join the United Food and Commercial Workers union, becoming the first private-sector budtenders to unionize. (Public sector workers at Quebec’s SQDC retailers began unionizing shortly after legalization).
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Beginning in April, the Saskatchewan Lottery and Gaming Authority will begin accepting applications to open REC stores in communities smaller than 2,500. As of September, they’ll accept applications for licenses in stores anywhere in the province.
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The Nova Scotia Liquor Commission, that province’s crown REC retail monopoly, announced plans to open twice as many REC stores as are presently open. The move will give the province 14 more stores.
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