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Today’s story about Cookies raises all sorts of questions about the industry’s future. I hope you find it thought provoking and valuable.

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Is Cookies' Batman Collab legal? Depends who you ask

Banner promoting the Cookies x Batman deal at streetwear retailer Mainland.com

The merchandise co-branded Cookies and Batman, which first dropped in March, is apparently the product of a licensing deal between DC Comics and Cookies SF, the clothing company founded by Cookies cannabis CEO Berner. 

The deal is noteworthy for the caretakers of a cartoon character letting it anywhere near the plant. It’s noteworthy in the other direction as well: Most cannabis companies stay away from anything that might get them unwanted attention for kid-friendly advertising.

Is the deal legal?

It depends who you ask.


Last week we saw how the legislature’s proposed budget looked more favorable to the industry than an earlier proposal from Gavin Newsom. While the current budget bill would allocate $20M for equity businesses, a bill sponsored by state senator Steven Bradford (D- South LA Co.) would have gone further to establish a standard definition of social equity throughout the state. 

  • In a hearing this week for the Bradford bill, Oakland Cannabis Commission chair Chaney Turner said the problem for social equity businesses isn’t just the amount of money but where it goes. “We have seen that over 70% of equity fee waivers are going to the rural areas of the state. The very same white rural counties that are benefiting most from the cultivation tax cut.” 
  • A note sent by Sen. Bradford’s chief of staff and shared with WeedWeek said there doesn’t seem to be appetite in the legislature to change the definition of social equity.

Precision Advocacy lobbyist Amy Jenkins said the expectation is to get the cannabis budget trailer bill approved by July 1.


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Costa Mesa approves first storefronts

Costa Mesa (Orange Co.) has greenlit its first two storefronts. The licenses, won by Culture Cannabis Club and 420 Central, are highly coveted since Orange County has relatively few dispensaries for its population of more than 3M. Costa Mesa, which already had allowed delivery services, becomes the only city in the county except Santa Ana to allow them.  
LA Times 




Criminal justice:

  • Four officers won’t be charged for fatally shooting an armed man who tried to drive through a wildfire evacuation checkpoint in far-northern Siskiyou Co.
  • Santa Clara Co. will automate expungments for low-level pot convictions.
    Mercury News

Fun and interesting:

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For the new chart of the week, I’ll cite CA sales data from Headset posted by Alec Burkin CMO at Uncle Arnie‘s parent company Fly Beverage. It shows Uncle Arnie’s, Wunder and Tonik catching up fast to Cann, Lagunitas Hi-Fi, and Keef Cola, all of which saw declines in the last 90 days YoY.

From what I can tell, Uncle Arnie’s, Tonik and Keef offer 100 mg drinks and the other brands stay at the shallow end of the pool.



Company milestones:

Job Moves:




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