May 19 2022,


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  • Fresno licensing process attracts lawsuits
  • Jetty Extracts makes plans




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Gov. reveals tax plan

As WeedWeek anticipated, Gov. Newsom released his tax plan for California’s industry which sees taxes as its number one problem. The plan calls for eliminating the cultivation tax and shifting payment for the 15% excise tax to retailers from distributors. It also leaves the door open to raising the excise tax, which the industry strongly opposes.
Sacramento Bee

  • “This is one step of many that are needed to get California’s cannabis ecosystem on a healthy track,” Attorney and advocate Ariel Clark told WeedWeek. “This proposal doesn’t address high consumer prices because of the still-to-high excise tax, which keeps consumers going to the cheaper and unregulated shops.” She added that the governor’s proposal needs to pass two-thirds of the Legislature, “So stakeholders need to advocate on that front.” 
  • The proposal is “meaningful progress,” Precision Advocacy cannabis lobbyist Amy Jenkins said. However, “it falls short of helping California’s legal market compete and thrive.”


A night to celebrate

The cannabiz offers no shortage of prizes to win (or purchase), but The Emerald Cup Awards with its NorCal pedigree and esteemed judges is surely among the most prestigious. For it’s 18th go round, it moved south to LA to gin up some more juice for its winners. 

And the envelope please…


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Fun and interesting:


For our new chart of the week, we’ve got California 4/20 sales provided to WeedWeek exclusively by data shop BDSA. It shows that while east coast and midwest markets topped sales in 2021, California fell short. (From left to right it’s CA, CO, OR, FL, AZ, MI, IL, PA, NV, MA, MD and MO.) Go here, for a deeper dive, and more exclusive data.)


Company Milestones:

Job Moves:


  • Hall of Flowers said its next California expo will be October 5-6 in Santa Rosa. It also announced a new Toronto show, September 13-14, it’s first in Canada. 



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