Prices for legal REC are inching upward as unlicensed REC prices are declining—leaving consumers facing a $4.57 gap in price per gram between licensed and illicit product. That’s the largest margin between legal and illegal market prices to date.
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  • The average gram of legal REC sold for $10.30 between October and December, according to Statistics Canada. A year ago, that average was $9.69. A gram of illicit cannabis sold for an average of $5.73 in the same period, down from $6.44 a year before.
    CBC News
  • Between October and December, Canadians spent $1.5 Billion on cannabis, and 38.2% of that trade was on the legal market. The average price of REC (legal and illegal) rose slightly from $7.46 to $7.50 per gram.

Dried flower dominated with more than 60% of sales, while vaping products held 19.5%, and edibles captured 7%.

Monthly legal REC retail sales totals continued climbing, reaching $135.7M in November, up from $128.9M in October and $122.9M in September.