This week for Power Players we caught up with Nancy Whiteman, CEO of Colorado-based Wana Brands, which now sells its gummies in eight states. Among much else, we discussed budtenders, how to launch a product during a lockdown and the future of gummies.


“Everybody likes gummies. They taste really good. But I think one of the other reasons why gummies have really taken off as a platform for THC specifically, is that we’ve grown accustomed to gummies as the way that we take our vitamins, et cetera.

“We don’t get up in the morning and open up our vitamins and say, “That vitamin C gummy was good. I think I’m going to have six or seven.” We’re used to eating one. And it feels satisfying and complete in and of itself in a way that I think other product forms don’t. People often ask, “Why are there not more savory edibles?” Well, because nobody wants to eat one cracker, right?”

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