For this week’s Power Player’s interview, I spoke to Hershel Gerson, managing director at cannabis-investment bank Ello. Gerson joined the green rush last year after years in accounting and corporate finance. 

In our wide ranging conversation, Gerson discussed his favorite retail strategy, why he thinks the pandemic will accelerate U.S. legalization and several reasons he’s “very bullish” on the weed industry.

A few highlights:

On cash strapped states turning to cannabis:

They had the same issue in 2008 and they took to regional gaming. I anticipate a similar effect with cannabis where the tax revenues are just going to be too attractive for states not to adopt positive legislation, especially when neighboring states are going to have a REC program.

On why he’s bullish:

With the new markets and new consumers coming in, we anticipate 20% plus growth available to the industry. So you’re looking at a very attractive investment opportunity.

On his preferred retail strategy:

Guys who focused on single states to get density and positive cashflow are in an advantageous state compared to companies that went  broad to try to get beachheads in multiple states and felt capital would just be there in perpetuity.

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