For-profit consultancy Cannabis Doing Good works with companies seeking to step-up their corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts. This month, co-founders Courtney Mathis and Kelly Perez launched the Cannabis Impact Fund, a non-profit to attract charitable contributions from the industry. For the first year, it will focus on groups promoting racial justice. 

The Fund wants cannabis companies to contribute 1% of their revenue or shares. WeedWeek has committed to the program. We’ll also publish a list of our fellow participants.

In this week’s Power Players interview, Perez and Mathis discussed how companies can get involved with CSR, why they started the Fund and the business case for “purpose driven” companies.

Kelly Perez:

“We had to create [the Fund] because it was demanded of us, because we are that nexus between community and cannabis.”

Courtney Mathis:

“Here’s the trick about CSR. It’s a super power as long as it’s used correctly. So if a company is doing CSR and they’re doing a great job of communicating it to their customers, they’re going to see higher customer engagement and brand loyalty.”

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Quick Hit

  1. California brand Bloom Farms, who Mathis cited for their CSR program, responded to an investors’ lawsuit.