Episode 91

Weed & the Body at War, with Alice Moon

Jan 13, 2020 | Length: 0h 35m

Five years ago, cannabis entrepreneur Alice Moon was well known on the Los Angeles scene, from high-end bud events to her very smokey Instagram account. Then Moon — who didn’t consider herself a heavy THC consumer — began to vomit upon smoking. Initially in disbelief that cannabis could harm her, she suffered through a period of continuous vomiting. Finally, one five-course, THC-infused meal ended Alice Moon’s relationship with pot and plunged her relationship with the cannabis community into upheaval. This week Alex and Donnell explore the mysterious and controversial condition called cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome. Plus: Our hosts discuss new cannabinoid compound discoveries. Alice Moon on Twitter twitter.com/thealicemoon Alice Moon on Instagram www.instagram.com/thealicemoon/