Episode 64

Up from Bud Tending, with Tiara Darnell

Jul 8, 2019 | Length: 0h 36m

Portland’s 2017 Budtender of the Year, Tiara Darnell, tells Alex and Donnell how budtending prepared her for cannabis advocacy, from studying strains and fielding medical inquiries to witnessing the ugly truth behind “inclusive” brand marketing. Darnell says she has not lost hope in cannabis equity programs and she introduces us to her forthcoming podcast, High, Good People, which explores the relationship between people of color and cannabis in the new age of legalization. Also, an interview with Acreage CEO Kevin Murphy drops today on WeedWeek.net and Italians are smoking “cannabis light.”

High, Good People pilot episode: T-ara-darnell – Hgp-podcast-pilot-mixdown

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Acreage CEO Kevin Murphy: The WeedWeek Interview

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