Episode 58

Holy Smokes! Christians and Cannabis with Craig Gross

May 27, 2019 | Length: 0h 34m

This week @alexhalperin and @donnyshell sit down with Christian leader and founder of xxxchurch.com, Craig Gross, about his new mission: getting Christians to embrace cannabis. The edibles enthusiast founded christiancannabis.com after having a life-changing experience with cannabis and now he wants Christians to feel free to try weed for themselves. Also, the Oregon senate passes an interstate commerce bill. Find out more about Craig Gross: craiggross.com Christian Cannabis: christiancannabis.com XXXChurch: www.xxxchurch.com Oregon Senate Votes To Legalize Interstate Marijuana Imports And Exports: www.marijuanamoment.net/oregon-senate…-and-exports/ Our sponsor this week is SoapBoxSample. SoapBoxSample helps businesses understand the unique attitudes and experiences of their cannabis customers. Visit Soapboxsample.com/cannabis to download your free “Green Rush survival kit”