Episode 81

From NHL Enforcer to Cannabis Ambassador

Nov 2, 2019 | Length: 0h 30m

In today’s episode, Alex and Donny speak to Dale Purinton, a former defenseman (“enforcer”) for the New York Rangers, about the true toll that professional hockey, and the concussions standard to the game, takes on athletes’ physical and mental health, as well as how cannabis has helped. They also discuss the illegal vs legal cannabis markets in California, the topic of a recent CBS “60 Minutes” feature this week, and the question of who’s to blame for under-performing cannabis stocks.

Read more of Purinton’s outspoken interviews on the effect of concussions:

And to get a sense of how violent the game is, check out this clip from from an on-ice brawl that Purinton was involved in: youtu.be/3y7ALnZRyTY

Our music this week is by retired Indianapolis Colts tight end Ben Utrech:

For more on Purinton’s current work with VEDA, check out the news release:

Learn more about Veda: vedaecn.com/ and on Twitter:

Also tak e a look at the CBS 60 Minutes feature story that Alex and Donny discuss in the intro:

Also read the Bloomberg article on cannabis investors and the slump in pot prices: