Episode 82

A Year of Growing Legally

Nov 10, 2019 | Length: 0h 30m

A year ago, Bryant Mitchell of Los Angeles-based Blaqstar Farms came on the show to discuss the challenges of being a small cannabis business when he wasn’t fully “legit” yet. Now, he is, and sits down with Alex and Donny to talk about what has and has not changed since, both for Mitchell’s business and in California’s regulatory environment. Plus, we discuss the 394 cannabis businesses that were suspended in California this week for not complying with Track and Trace.

You can buy Blaqstar product at California Cannabis dispensary on Crenshaw Boulevard in Los Angeles. Visit their website at www.blaqstarfarms.com or follow them on Instagram @blaqstarfarms. Listen to Mitchell’s first WeedWeek interview at: Weedweeknews – 30-the-small-growers-dilemma-with-bryant-mitchell