Two weeks ago, BC LP Pasha laid off a dozen of its 50 employees, mainly in communications and client services, calling six of them back on a commission basis, as it shifted focus to producing pre-rolls.
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  • Pasha positioned itself as an umbrella organization to help BC craft producers enter a market dominated by corporate players.
  • Subsequently, most of Pasha’s board of directors resigned—including important sector players like extraction entrepreneur Rosy Mondin and Auxly CEO Hugo Alves.
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Cannabis lifestyle magazine/website Civilized was bought by American firm New Frontier Data, which laid off all staff “temporarily.”
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Ernst Young cannabis manager Ashley Chiu warned—of the sector in general—that “30-40% of these companies won’t be around in a year. It will come down to execution and whether these companies have a differentiated strategy and a road to profitability.”
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  1. Now that cannabis is legal, the next hot investment for canna-executives is psychedelics, which show therapeutic promise despite illegality.
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