An Aug. 27 letter from Pasadena’s City Manager on MedMen‘s effort to open a dispensary near Huntington Hospital came to light this week, revealing that Pasadena’s denial of the application was due to the company’s mass leadership swap-out.

Nine out of 10 listed as owners on MedMen’s applications have changed since the Culver City company applied for a Pasadena license.
Pasadena NOW

  • City Manager Steve Mermell wrote: “It is my finding that there has been a material change in ownership and/or management in MedMen such that the evaluation and scoring of MedMen’s Application is no longer valid. As such, it is my decision that: there is a change of control, MedMen has lost the right to proceed through the cannabis permitting process, and MedMen’s Application is hearby rejected.”
  • Mermell concluded that Gotham Green Partners, with 31.9% of MedMen’s total voting power, would control MedMen.

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