Organigram VP public affairs Cameron Bishop pressed Ottawa to support the cannabis industry or lose it to other countries. In a Twitter thread, he wrote,

  • “I’ve never seen this before. A $100B-$200B industry and our federal government won’t take a bow???? Or work to promote it??? What?!!!! We need a medical #cannabis export strategy NOW.
  • “We need to transfer some degree of promoting and enhancing this industry to [Innovation, Science, and Economic Development Canada] and [Global Affairs Canada]. When we lose our first mover advantage because #cdnpoli views the potential of this industry with disdain, what then?
  • “[…] Honestly: I want one #cdnpoli leader to point me in the direction of a new sector of the economy with as much potential as #cannabis. Cripes the @bankofcanada had to revise their growth estimates because of their strength of this sector!

Quick Hits

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  2. Sundial Growers, the largest privately held LP in the country, bought UK plant, flower, and herb producer Bridge Farm Group for an undisclosed amount. The acquisition will give Sundial a foothold in the UK’s booming CBD market.
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  3. UK newspaper the Evening Standard profiled both legal and illicit REC retailers in Toronto.
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