Ontario REC retail has thrived in the face of COVID-19. This owes to the AGCO’s rapid pace of approvals, and the grit of plucky licensees eager to get their shops open. As Ontario tapers its lockdown, Toronto alone has 21 new REC stores that weren’t there in February.
CTV News, Vancouver Courier, BlogTO

  • London, ON store Lit Cannabis, opening in August, announced a partnership with online reviewing couple WhatsMyPot to select inventory.

Kingston, ON REC store Calyx+Trichomes commissioned an update of Michaelangelo’s Creation of Adam. It features Justin Trudeau as god, sitting atop a pile of giant cannabis seeds, and an unarguably naked Doug Ford as Adam communing with a sticky crop. GrowthOp noted Doug Ford did not endorse the mural, and some critics took issue with it.
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A federal judge found Vancouver REC store Herbs “R” Us Wellness Society infringed upon Toys “R” Us’s trademark.
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  1. Bidding is now open on a contract for the first and, to date, only REC store in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. The region has one of the highest per-capita consumption rates in the country.
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  2. Saskatoon’s city council refused to cap the number of REC stores in the city.
    CBC Saskatoon
  3. An Okanagan Indian Band member believes he has the constitutional right to sell REC without a provincial license anywhere within the Okanagan Indian Band’s traditional territory rather than simply on reserve.