“The frenzy is heating up again!” warned lawyer Trina Fraser. “Would-be cannabis retailers in Ontario, I hope you are working hard on your bank letters and offer to lease!”
Twitter—Trina Fraser

  • When invoking “frenzy,” it’s worth bearing in mind what the pre-REC retail looked like in spring and summer of 2018: in May of last year, prospective retailers in Calgary were signing five- and ten-year leases on retail properties—sometimes at double the asking price—without even knowing whether they would get their licenses. Many were forced to wait for far longer than they’d anticipated .
    CBC Calgary

Quick Hits

  1. In the U.S., cannabis beverages capture roughly 1% market share—and in Canada, roughly 75% of cannabis users have never consumed cannabis in a beverage.
    Globe and Mail

  2. Cannabis patents are hot in Canada—but seven of the top ten patent holders in the country are multi-national pharma corporations, since cannabis remains a Schedule I substance in the US.
    Canna Law Blog

  3. Legalization is partly responsible for a 38% increase in foreign tourists visiting Canada. They have a growing number of hotel options., Toronto Star