After delaying REC retail six months, then spending the subsequent nine months handing out a tiny number of REC licenses to citizens selected at random by lottery, the province of Ontario is ready to start over on REC retail.

On Monday, an unlimited number of aspiring REC retailers may apply for Retail Store Authorizations (store licenses) the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario will begin giving out in April. It has set a floor of awarding five licenses per week. Cannabis Retailer

Various REC retail chains are lining up to enter the Ontario market.

Lawyer Trina Fraser noted Ontario will eventually see license refusals due to “clustering” of too many REC shops together. She urged anyone with their heart set on a location to get their RSA in soon. Twitter—Trina Fraser

In Belleville, ON, an unnamed producer (unclear whether he was licensed) who decided to get a head start on building “multiple ‘hoop buildings'” for which he had no building permits was found guilty “on dozens of counts” and fined $17,500. Quinte News