At the beginning of May, there were nearly 900 legal REC stores across Canada, up 120 from late February, and more than half the total stores were in Alberta. (Canopy expects as many as 1,200 REC stores to be open nationwide within this year.) At last count, Ontario had roughly 60–but as of last week, another 392 were varying stages of preparation. Cannabis Benchmarks estimates Ontario can support some 1,500 REC stores.
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Expanded competition will mean stores have to work harder to build customer loyalty. Small shops believe their size may play in their favour, as some argue larger retailers made legal REC look bad. Others believe once consumers have a choice of REC retailer, many will gravitate to “mom and pop dispensaries.”
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As new stores open, they have to figure out how much to cover their windows. Opaque windows aren’t required, but many stores have chosen them, not realizing federally compliant alternatives exist.
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