Ontario–the first province to allow REC retailers to deliver their own products direct to customers, albeit on a two-week provisional basis–may have a hard time putting the genie of store-run delivery back in the bottle. The Ontario Cannabis Store, which takes retail orders online, is working to widen its own direct delivery program, announcing it will deliver to a variety of communities outside Toronto and in southern-Ontario area.
OCS, MJ Biz Daily

  • The OCS will have to compete with private delivery, which nearly every REC retailer has figured out how to operate. This week, Fire & Flower announced it would offer same-day delivery in Toronto.
  • However, delivery by retailers is only allowed under a two-week emergency order from the provincial government. Once lockdown has lifted, the province will likely end or limit retailer delivery.

Meanwhile, Ontario continues to hurry to open more stores. Last week, the AGCO approved eight Retail Store Authorizations. On Monday, six more stores received approval to open, while five more went into public notice on Tuesday. Compared with last year, the AGCO’s approval process has increased to nearly breakneck speed.

The OCS has been dropping prices on many products weekly.