As Ontario’s Conservative government tries to streamline the province’s tiny REC retail sector by introducing click-and-connect deliveries, the Ford government also launched a pilot project for same-day/next-day REC delivery in Toronto.
Globe and Mail

  • The service will offer live tracking and guaranteed delivery windows.
  • Only Torontonian consumers whose postal codes begin with “M” may participate for now.
  • Meanwhile, lawyer Trina Fraser noted the legislation to bring in “click and collect” delivery will require the same person who made the order to pick up the REC products they reserved in store.
    Twitter—Trina Fraser

The Société Québécoise du Cannabis announced a call for tenders for same-day delivery service. As part of a six to nine-month pilot project, residents of the island of Montreal will soon be able to order REC products for home delivery within 24 hours.
TVA Nouvelles—In French, CTV News

  • The call for tender seeks services that can deliver all packages by no later than 10:00pm on the day they are ordered, but also seeks suppliers who can deliver within one hour of the order.
    La Presse—In French

Quick Hits

  1. The Toronto Stock Exchange gave CannTrust a March 25, 2020 deadline to file a series of financial disclosures, otherwise the troubled LP will be delisted from the TSX.
    MJ Biz Daily
  2. Ontario LP WeedMD will acquire Starseed Holdings, a union-owned LP that provides MED insurance to union members, for an undiscolosed amount. Majority Starseed owner The Labourers’ Pension Fund of Central and Eastern Canada accordingly subscribed to invest $25M via private placement into WeedMD.
    Globe and Mail, Twitter—Mark Rendell