Following on last week’s news that the liners of aluminium cans may leach cannabinoids from REC beverages, new Canopy CEO David Klein said the problem was among the reasons for the company’s decision to postpone the release of its infused beverage line.

Gummies still seem like the most popular new edible, selling out much more quickly than infused chocolate products. (This may be partly because producers shipped more chocolates than gummies).
Twitter—Colin Bambury, Rob Cherry

Vape products are holding strong, with none yet sold out in Ontario. The coronavirus may delay China-manufactured vape hardware in reaching Canada.
Twitter—David George-Cosh, Calgary Herald

Vaginal and rectal suppositories can provide enormous relief for sufferers of endometriosis, ovarian cysts, and prostate diseases. However they’re not available through MED producers and aren’t being released by REC LPs.

  • Pharmacist and MED advocate Rahim Dhalla said, “4 months post 2.0 and no topicals, suppositories, patches or anything else that patients need.”
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One third of consumers are still not aware which brands they’re buying, or what dosages they prefer.
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