The Ontario Cannabis Store voluntarily disclosed its first fiscal year’s sales numbers in a richly detailed report released this week.

Between April 2019 and March 2020:

  • Ontarians spent $385.1M buying 35.1M grams (35 tonnes) of legal REC, both online and in stores.
  • Of that, consumers spent $313.7M on 27.9M grams in retail stores, and $71.4M on 7.2M grams via

The median price of OCS products declined 25% last year, and is now at $8.56/gram online and $10.84/gram in stores–compared with $8.23/gram on the illicit market.
Toronto Star

Dry flower dominated with 79% of sales, followed by pre-rolls. Aurora led the sales of dry flower both online and in stores, coming second after Flowr in pre-roll sales. Aphria’s Soleil sold the most oil. Though the report covered only the first three months of 2.0 products, some companies are emerging as market leaders.
MJ Biz, GrowthOp

Lawyer Trina Fraser noted though the report seems exhaustive, it contains no information about the OCS’s online retail pricing strategies and wholesale markups.

Also profiting from the COVID-19 sales surge was British Columbia, whose March sales jumped  eightfold year-over-year from $2.84M in 2019 to $23.5M in 2020.
Business In Vancouver, TVA Nouvelles–In French