Unlicensed cannabis production is beginning to decline in Nova Scotia, according to Statistics Canada. The federal agency estimates Nova Scotia’s most fruitful year for underground growing was 2016, in which Nova Scotians grew and sold more than $100M in product. By 2018, that number was down to $89M, while licensed Nova Scotia growers generated $49M.
Chronicle Herald

Quick Hits

  1. Harvard University is leading a large international research project exploring MED, and chose Edmonton LP Atlas Biotechnologies (also known as Atlas Growers) to supply the MED for the project—amounting to 1 kilogram dry flower. First they’ll have to sort a DEA import-exemption, though.
    MJ Biz Daily, Globe and Mail—Paywall
  2. Upstart publication The Logic interviewed unnamed former employees of Lift & Co who say the company is foundering under poor management and lack of direction, and losing many of its most important employees. The Logic requires readers buy a $300 year’s subscription to the Logic in order to read any of its articles, but you can read the first third for free. Lift declined to comment. It’s major Toronto conference begins on June 6.
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  3. LPs are responding to consumer complaints of overpackaging with products packaged in envelopes instead of plastic bottles.
    CBC New Brunswick