Though Edmonton police reported last week the number of drivers they’ve charged with drug-impaired driving has increased since legalization, Calgary police chief Mark Neufeld said there’s been no increase in such charges in Calgary, or in other sorts of infractions. “I don’t think it’s had the impact that we thought it would,” Neufeld told the Calgary Herald. “A lot of people out there are being responsible with it.”
Calgary Herald

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  1. A Toronto condo board demanded condo-owners who planned to smoke cannabis in their units sign up for a registry maintained by the board. Residents say such a registry is an infringement on their privacy, while a real estate lawyer argued it wasn’t a practical solution to odour problems that create the most friction between residents.
    CBC Toronto
  2. Sales of home-cultivation equipment are booming.
    Globe and Mail
  3. Canadian LPs aren’t interested in the social and cultural context of cannabis in Jamaica when they go there looking for MED export deals. Locals worry Canadian and other foreign cannabis businesses will replicate the history of the colonial sugarcane industry on the island.
    Financial Post