August 5 2021,



Happy Friday!

Fascinating read for you today. Notably, there’s news that U.K. scientists will study whether a cannabis-derived drug can help fight a deadly type of brain cancer.

Plus, I pulled out the choicest nuggets from an interview with Ayr Wellness CEO Jon Sandleman.

Look out for:

  • Weed vs. brain cancer
  • Montana officials propose a tough ad rule
  • Ayr wants to be “Target” of weed

PLUS, Caesar the no-drama therapy llama!




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Ayr wants to be "Target" of weed

The very acquisitive MSO Ayr Wellness (pronounced: air) is one of the hottest pot stocks on Wall Street.

Cannabis Business Executive has a good interview with Ayr CEO Jon Sandleman, a former president of Bank of America’s security business, on his plan to build Ayr into the Target of weed: “The best quality product consistently and affordably. Affordable luxury.”

My LinkedIn feed is cluttered with execs talking up the plant’s benefits. Here, Sandleman frames the issue differently:

  • “One of the things I loved about this [business] is that as an investor this industry has the broadest diversity of consumers I have ever seen other than with one other product; sugar. Kids like sugar, moms like sugar, middle aged guys like me like sugar, old people, everyone loves sugar in some form or another.”

A few more choice nuggets.

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“The legendary and beloved therapy llama” Caesar the No Drama Llama made an appearance at East Fork CultivarsHemp Bar store and cafe in Portland, Ore. Here he is with Hemp Bar cannaristas: Hannah Gastaldi, Shawntá Santacruz, Amy Speciale, and Lauren Huddleston.

Courtesy East Fork Cultivars


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