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In what's being billed as the biggest U.S. cannabis merger to date, Trulieve said it would acquire Harvest in a $2.1B all-stock deal. The conventional wisdom sees it as a way for the Florida-based MSO to become a major player in Arizona and have a beachhead in California.

  • The merger would create a company with 126 dispensaries across 11 states.
  • Trulieve says the merged company would be the most profitable MSO with $461M in estimated 2021 earnings on $1.2B in revenue.
  • Dai Truong has the financial nitty gritty. Here's the investor deck.
  • Trulieve is the dominant operator in Florida's MED-only market.
  • The deal could usher in a wave of mergers which had declined since the pot stock crash of 2019 and 2020.

Sander Zagzebski, an M&A attorney at Clark Hill, told WeedWeek:

  • The deal feels less frenzied and more strategic than the "land grab" mergers announced before the crash, some of which collapsed.
  • The involvement of investment bank Moelis & Co. as an advisor to Harvest "indicates that this was probably a heavily negotiated and well-thought out deal."
  • Zagzebski called it "very good news for the industry" and expects to see more like it in the coming quarters.

Separately, a message posted on Reddit, which claimed to be from "Trulieve workers" claimed "pay was late - again" and after "lots of people" walked off the company offered workers $50. 

  • Trulieve declined to comment.

Quick Hit

  1. In earnings news: MSO MedMen saw revenue drop. Curaleaf did not.
  2. Cannabis is expected to add $92B to the U.S. economy in 2021.

The vape business is beginning to reconcile with its environmental impact:


"The vast majority of single-use plastics, the use of which are mandated for cannabis companies in most jurisdictions, end up in landfills, according to a 2020 report by the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA). Landfills are also the final destinations for many vape products, a large swath of which are sold as disposable.

Learn all about it.

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Quick Hit

  1. Pistil Data CEO Jeffrey Graham posted the top 5 vape brands in California, by store penetration.
WeedMD CEO George Scorsis, Illustration by Allison Campbell @shehitsback

In 2015, former Bacardi executive George Scorsis was intrigued by cannabis but realized that from a branding perspective, the industry had a long way to go. Nonetheless, he accepted a position as president of Mettrum, one of Canada's first major cannabis companies.

Now leading his third cannabis company, WeedMD, Scorsis is a bit of a contrarian: While companies on both sides of the border chase recreational users, he continues to focus on the medical side of the business. It’s a strategy that has served him well. So far, Scorsis has led two medical-oriented companies to nine figure acquisitions.

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