July 26 2021,


Hi everyone,

Hard to believe summer’s almost halfway done. Don’t forget to enjoy it!

It’s been hot here in coastal SoCal, and we badly need rain. But so far we’ve been spared the merciless heat waves and other harsh weather that have hit so many of you. 

Stay safe. Stay cool. And read the news: 

  • GoDaddy denies tech support to Heady NJ
  • Georgia cracks open the door on MED
  • An exclusive interview with Union Electric CEO Max Goldstein



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Courtesy Union Electric

TALKING POINTS: Union Electric CEO Max Goldstein

Union Electric, the first brand out of SoCal incubator Open Nest, launched in March 2020, the day after the covid lockdown began.

It’s been a good time for many value flower brands and today’s Talking Points interview is with CEO Max Goldstein. While Goldstein shares the bullishness of most every pot CEO, he’s taking the company in a couple unique directions

Among other things, he discussed crowdfunding, the opportunity for value brands and why his target customer is “the eternal stoner.”

Read the whole thing. 


Fun stuff:




Co-owners Charles Toney II, Keena Middleton, and Eric Grayson, celebrate the opening of their dispensary Flight in San Francisco’s Parkmerced neighborhood.

Courtesy of Flight

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