August 16 2021,


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Hi all,

Remember when August used to be sleepy? Not anymore. Today we’ve got tons of new hires, all sorts of company milestones and an exclusive interview.


  • Trulieve CEO’s husband found guilty in federal corruption trial
  • FDA snubs CBD again?
  • Talking Points: Marketer and Branding Bud author David Paleschuck

Let’s get to it,



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Talking Points: Branding Bud author David Paleschuck

Before he joined the cannabis industry, David Paleschuck put together a career that seemed destined for it. A skateboarder with an MBA, before going green, he notched stints at American Express, Microsoft and Mountain Dew among other big brands. Now he’s Group Chief Branding Officer at The Matters Group.

Paleschuck’s new book, Branding Bud: The Commercialization of Cannabis, is a compendium of what he’s learned from a decade in the industry with in-depth examinations of many prominent brands. He recently shared a few thoughts with WeedWeek for our Talking Points interview series.

Check out the book too.


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Here’s Zeno Dose CEO Jack Dreifuss and delivery service Grassdoor CEO Zack Ein at an L.A. party introducing Zeno’s microdose (0.4 mg THC) tablets. (On Grassdoor, a pack of 18, containing 7.2 mg of THC, costs $20.) 

Courtesy Zeno


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