January 13 2022,


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Happy Friday all,

Despite what you may have seen online, a study didn’t conclude that MED prevents Covid. It’s more complicated than that and more research is needed. Still its pretty cool that the plant affects the coronavirus and its variants at all. 

Maybe someday we’ll learn what else it can do.

In today’s edition:

  • Cannabis vs. covid: Not a slam dunk
  • California cannabiz rallies for tax relief




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Castetter Cannabis Group managing director and vice-chair of the New York Cannabis Growers & Processors Association Kaelan Castetter.

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Kaelan Castetter (Courtesy Kaelan Castetter)


Last Friday on WeedWeek Live, Chris Anderson, CEO of Redwood Roots, which distributes for some of the Emerald Triangle’s most celebrated farmsgot real about the crisis facing California craft growers.


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  • An investor lawsuit in Oregon alleges management of CBD startup Sentia Wellness perpetrated a $60M fraud. A fund run by Boris Jordan, Chairman of MSO Curaleaf, is among the plaintiffs. The suit pits him against Nitin Khanna, an entrepreneur with a checkered past who was previously founder at Cura Cannabis, parent company of brand Select, which Curaleaf acquired for $400M in 2020. “We look forward to shedding more light on what happened at Sentia and the questionable business practices of these investors,” a lawyer representing Khanna said.
  • Business Insider lists the top 14 firms investing in cannabis.
  • Recruiting platform Vangst raised $19M.
  • California brand Pilgrim Soul, which is focused on users’ “creative performance,” raised $2M.
  • A new company called cannachange offers dispensary credit for consumers who recycle packaging.
  • Spotify won a ruling that a cannabis software platform can’t call itself “Potify“.
    Bloomberg Law

State News:

Health and Science:


In Memorium:

  • Michael Lang, who helped produce Woodstock (The 1969 edition), died at 77.
    N.Y. Times

Fun and interesting:




Cranberry Sage Space Crystals, Courtesy of Cann



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