December 15 2020,


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"Advanced Nutrients is racist:" Ex-employees sue fertilizer company 

Lawsuits filed by two former employees make claims, including racial discrimination and wrongful termination, against cannabis fertilizer company Advanced Nutrients, and its CEO Michael “BigMike” Straumietis.

Advanced Nutrients, which is based in West Hollywood, claims to be the world’s best-selling cannabis fertilizer brand, with annual revenue of more than $110M.

“Mr. Straumietis categorically denies the allegations made against him and the company," the company said in a statement. 

WeedWeek was first to report the lawsuit from Tobias Slater, who claims he was hired to help boost diversity at Advanced Nutrients and was fired after two weeks.

Read the story. Read the lawsuits here and here.


Non-paying vendors snarl California supply chain

Willis takes a look at how non-paying vendors are wrecking havoc with California's supply chain. 

Because cannabis companies largely rely on each other to operate in a closed-loop, state-restricted market, when a business falls behind on payments to another company, it can trigger domino effects with wide-ranging consequences, said Ryan Bacchas, president of the California Cannabis Coalition.

Read the whole thing. 

Coming Saturday we'll look at supply chain issues involving distribution.


Another regulation to watch out for

Starting on January 3, products containing even a trace amount of THC must carry warnings that they can increase the risk of cancer and birth defects. The new rule, which carries potentially stiff penalties for violations, is mandated by the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986.  


Canna-Tourism to the rescue

A new report from the California Cannabis Tourism Association suggests plant-based travel could help the state's tourism industry recover from the pandemic.

  • “Rather than wondering when tourism will ‘return to normal,’ perhaps a better question is, what will the new normal of tourism look like?” the report asks.
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