February 23 2021,



The details of legalization -- how markets are structured, when it happens, how the industry will be taxed and many more -- are worth billions to the biggest cannabis companies.

However, much remains unknown about how they envision the future, and what their success will mean for consumers and society. Their thinking also has implications for the hundreds of thousands of Americans who work in the industry. 

As cannabis enters a crucial period, with REC gaining steam in the northeast and federal legalization looking more likely than ever before, WeedWeek sent a list of 12 questions to some of the most powerful CEOs in cannabis.

Some are softballs, others less so, but they all touch on what kind of industry cannabis is going to be.

Here's what I asked.


On Monday, New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (D) signed laws to decriminalize cannabis and create the mid-Atlantic region’s first legal REC market, projected to be worth $1B in annual sales. The move kicks off a process for the state to create regulations, as companies position themselves to win licenses. It could be close to a year before the first legal REC shop opens.

WeedWeek spoke to Rob DiPisa, co-chair of the cannabis group at law firm Cole Schotz about what to expect in a state where nothing is ever easy. 

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