In two weeks, cannabis ingestibles, extracts, and topicals will be legalized, and the first products will hit the market 60 days from October 17.

Based on US prices, some rosin varieties will sell in Canada for more than $200 per gram, while hybrid CBD-CBG products are beginning to appear on the US market.
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Aurora government relations manager Kym Purchase noted, “The number of seniors using cannabis has increased ten-fold.” Judging from conversations with my older family members loath to smoke anything, many more seniors may be waiting to try 2.0 products.
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The Canadian Health Food Association pushed back against Health Canada’s plan to classify CBD products as Cannabis Health Products, saying consumers shouldn’t have to buy CBD only from REC retailers. Hemp producers argue regulations are unreasonable and constraining.
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Quick Hits

  1. If your grandparents are a lot more eager than you expect to try MED, just go with it. If not, mention MED could reduce the number of pills they take.
  2. During an episode of Cannabis Update Podcast, investor “Ethical Grasshopper” noted between REC and MED, “We’re kicking out 3-5 million units of virgin plastic as an industry every month across the country.”
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