Canadians who’ve shopped at U.S. dispensaries often comment on the expanded variety of products available. I personally hope for more Canadian LPs to embrace the 0.3 gram personal mini-joint–widespread in the US, but harder to find at home. As the market develops, producers are trying to figure out which delivery methods will entice consumers to buy.

Mezzero/Cannmart offers several strains by Apothecary Botanicals in a new 0.25 gram “glass taster”–essentially a loaded one-hitter. Owner Ryan Roch of Alberta’s Lake City Cannabis called the 0.25-gram tasters “a game changer.”
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A variety of LPs offer extracts in a pod compatible with Pax’s Era oil-vape system, but compared with the ubiquitous 510-thread vape-oil cartridges and batteries, many found the Pax products more expensive. Others argued the question was less about the delivery system and more the quality of oil it contained.
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