The Montreal Children’s Hospital trauma centre issued an alert about proper storage of edible cannabis products after a spike in reports of children accidentally consuming edibles.
Montreal Gazette

  • The alert’s authors—Dr. Dominic Chalut and trauma director Debbie Friedman—say since legalization, there have been 26 cannabis-poisoning-related visits to the Children’s.
  • Santé Cannabis president Erin Prosk noted “Increase post-legalization could be due to increase in reportings or growth curve following illicit market commercialization in last couple years.”
  • Some media reports of the alert handled the subject poorly. Global News’ report, which noted “media reports about overdoses seem to be making Canadians nervous,” failed to mention that edibles are not yet legal, or that cannabis overconsumption cannot result in death.
  • Infused cannabis edibles and ingestibles will likely not become available until 2020, since the 60 days’ notice LPs are required to give Health Canada before bringing a new product to market should be considered a bare minimum. Regulators are not familiar with cannabis edibles, and will be very careful assessing them.
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Quick Hits

  1. Public health scholars singled out Manitoba and Quebec for producing anti-cannabis PSAs for youths that would be less likely to help kids make informed cannabis choices, and more likely to “overstate the evidence on certain cannabis-related harms, and appear to omit the experiences of young people” who have tried cannabis without apparent negative effects.
    The Leaf
  2. A disabled Nova Scotia MED user I discussed in late April lost his court appeal for the right to smoke MED in his no-smoking apartment, and was evicted. He spent the first night sleeping in his motorized wheelchair in the woods with a garbage bag over his head to keep the rain off.
    CTV News
  3. Health Canada hasn’t decided whether CBD products are safe for pets, but pet owners would like them to hurry up and make CBD products available for issues like pet arthritis and anxiety.
    CBC Montreal