While the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario was busy disqualifying all lottery winners who applied using addresses affiliated with REC retailer HighLife Cannabis, an anonymous Reddit user discovered other ballot-stuffing practices.
Financial Post, Leafly

The Reddit user discovered 15 submissions to the lottery in the names of Friendly Stranger owner James Jesty and his family members, as well as 50 submissions related to the names of Green Acre Capital’s Matt Shaloub and Albert Soberano and their apparent relatives.

  • One of the most surprising names the Reddit user discovered among REC retail lottery entries was that of Vic Neufeld, who stepped down as CEO of Aphria in January following a short-seller attack. His name and those of other Neufeld family members appeared on 15 ballots.
  • The Reddit user concluded, “I believe the circle of influence of Friendly Stranger in this lottery process to be ~80 individuals [and] corporations.”

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