This week’s most talked about product is Redecan‘s “Redees“: boxes of small pre-rolls designed as enough for one person (sometimes known as “Dogwalkers” after a U.S. brand).
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This Week in 2.0 Product News:, the crown online REC retailer, announced it will stop selling REC chocolates until September 7 due to the products melting.
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Aurora’s new “THC Citrus Shots” may resemble 5-Hour Energy products, but they’re classified as ingestible extracts— not drinks — meaning they skirt Health Canada’s bizarre equivalency scale limiting beverage purchases by weight rather than potency. (This hasn’t helped Canadians’ confusion about what THC numbers listed on packaging indicate about potency.)
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  • Canopy CEO David Klein called federal beverage equivalence regs “a flawed concept,” while lobbyists representing Fluent and Truss have appealed to Ottawa to relax some REC beverage rules.
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Unity Marguerite, buyer for Vancouver REC store Village Bloomery, reported so many vape-cart producers have “issues” (production, ethical, etc.) that 510-thread cartridges are getting hard to source.

Quick Hits

  1. Canada continues to stymie cannabis researchers with strict research regulations and long delays in granting research permits.
  2. Border busts keep getting bigger: US Customs and Border Patrol intercepted 9,500 pounds of flower on the Peace Arch bridge between BC and Washington and charged one.