North 40, Canada’s first licensed micro-cultivator, has products for sale through REC stores in Saskatchewan, making it the first micro to sell its wares. (Craft Depot CEO Calan Aldred noted some micro products have already been sold through white-label deals.)
Mugglehead, Twitter–Calan Aldred

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  1. The Chief and Council of Siksika First Nation in Alberta have applied for a Health Canada license to produce MED on their territory. This is the first instance of a First Nation seeking a Health Canada license for cannabis (or much of anything: First Nations generally prefer to limit federal government involvement in their affairs).
    Global News
  2. The Northwest Territories’ online cannabis store cost $300,000 to open, $200,000 per year to operate, and lost $136,000 last year. Consumers in the territory have bought $3.9M worth of REC since legalization, but only $57,664 of that was online.
    CBC North