The Boston Globe profiles four of New England’s best known cannabis influencers: Jenny Fuore @jennywakeandbake, Sasha @silencedhippie, Amelia Walker @nugthugg and Roo @roogetslifted:

“I kind of felt like I was a loner stoner at the time, so turning on the camera was a way for me to still share my smoke sessions and just meet more people,” Sasha said. “I’ve been in tears over people telling me that my content makes them feel okay with smoking in the morning so they don’t feel nauseous or to ease their anxiety.”

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Quick Hits

  1. The movie Half Baked 2 appears to be a go.
  2. On Instagram, Weed and Grub celebrated a decadent s’mores brownie recipe from Satori Chocolates.
  3. HBO is partnering with brand Kanha on infused gummies to promote its new animated series Close Enough.