Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum forced a Portland CBD shop to remove claims that CBD can boost Covid-19 immunity.
NBC (Local)

Similar rumors seem to have proliferated on social media. In his newsletter, Boston Globe reporter Daniel Adams is fed up:

“Marijuana doesn’t cure coronavirus, and it doesn’t protect against infection. Ditto for CBD or any other cannabis-derived compounds. It might help you relax, but that’s it. There’s also no reason for anyone to be hawking infused hand-sanitizer (there aren’t enough eye-roll emojis in the world), nor to send me pitches about your client’s “signature strain” pre-rolls that are “perfect for this time spent at home.” On all accounts: No. Just stop.”

Rolling Stone has a post on how to get high safely and San Francisco tech company Meadow released a set of sanitation protocols for the industry.

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  1. After years of inaction, the DEA chose this week to expand MED research.
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