Statistics Canada’s data on March REC sales show purchases surged as the pandemic set it. Sales resulted in $181M in sales nationally, an increase of 19.2% from February (and roughly triple March 2019’s $60.9M). Average prices also hit their lowest points in March before rising slightly in April.
BNN Bloomberg, MJ Biz Daily, Twitter–@itsdgc

  • The greatest increase in sales was in Northwest Territories, whose $301,000 in spending represented a 40.7% increase over February.
  • The major province next hungriest for REC in March was Quebec, where $37.7M spent was a 29.1% month-over-month increase. This number will perturb Quebec’s anti-cannabis CAQ government, but it reflects growing public comfort with REC, which Quebeckers were once national outliers in opposing.
    RCI-Net, Leafly
  • Yukon (22.3%), Alberta (20.8%), and Ontario (20.6%) held the third through fifth positions in increased sales over February.

Only PEI reported declining sales after the province closed all REC and liquor stores during the lockdown. Some believe this cost the province gains on the illicit market at a time when it was otherwise a quiet success. PEI reopened REC stores on May 22.
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Montreal represented the country’s most dramatic municipal increase in March sales (up 61.4%), followed by Toronto (26.3%), Calgary (23.8%), and Edmonton (18.3%). Ottawa was the only city to post a decline, of 0.3%.
Jean Leloup, Twitter–@itsdgc